A Story From Our Founder

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It all started when a bank job went sour in 2013. After stints in academic neuroscience, law and finance, I felt stuck, confused and burnt out. All the awful career advice I’d received from parents, friends, colleagues had backfired in a big way. There was no choice but to take my career trajectory into my own hands, exploring in-depth what I really wanted to be when I grew up.

Long-overdue soul searching and deep career exploration helped erase the damage of bad advice, poor decision-making, negative scripts and past failures. I was dead set on finding my own way at last, the usual suspects’ opinions be damned.

Having neither connections nor experience, armed with nothing more than the power of persuasion, in-depth research and lots of trial-and-error and practice, I hustled, LinkedIN and talked my way into top-notch opportunities in health tech startups, leading to executive roles and a 100%+ pay jump in less than two years.

Over the last 4+ years, I’ve helped a growing portfolio of early-stage startups to prove their concepts, create and pitch a compelling business plan, raise funds, find clients, build a great product, set up legal, finance and operations, hire and retain a top-notch team, plus create a high-ROI marketing funnel to help their business thrive, grow and scale.

After a while, friends and strangers on social media started asking for my “secret” (how to get the right message to the right audience), the vast majority of them, Millennials like myself.

I soon realized that I was far from alone in my struggle for proven, actionable advice for growing a great career and starting and running a business as a first-time founder. In fact, more than 70% of professionals are not engaged at work and more than 90% of all businesses fail within a year of starting. 

Learning this, I decided to gather my diverse expertise in five industries, insight from roles as janitor all the way up to CEO and back to create a space for Millennial professionals and entrepreneurs to reconnect with their essence as humans and do their life’s best work. This is how Master The Talk was born in 2013.

Founder & CEO – Yuri Kruman

CEO's Bio:

Yuri Kruman is a trusted executive, career and life coach and professional strategist for Millennials based in New York. As Member of the Forbes Career Council and CEO / Founder of Master The Talk Career Consulting, he has helped clients of all career stages, industries and job markets around the world (and all around the U.S.) to chart a clear path on their careers, building confidence and understanding along the way. He is an Advisory Board member of the Customer Experience (CX) Program at the Rutgers University Center for Innovation Education

Since 2013, he’s shared his expertise and empowered people with the knowledge they need to find, compete for and win their dream, revamping their résumé, acing that interview and negotiating for the title and salary they deserve.

He has worked with and consulted for seemingly every sector of the professional world, from tech startups to multinational banks, pharmaceutical companies, law and academia—experience he now brings to help individuals set clear goals toward career advancement.

Yuri has helped build venture-backed health tech startups (Maxwell Health, Liazon, Baby Doctor), consulted large banks and hedge funds (Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Fortress Investment Group), as well as worked in law (various large law firms) and academia (NYU).

Yuri is likewise a well-published author and health tech entrepreneur. He's been featured on Forbes, Huffington Post, Inc., Fast Company, Mashable, BBC, Time, PBS and other top sites. Yuri blogs on careers, consumer psychology, health and productivity at Blueprint To Thrive. He has worked in healthcare, finance and law.

He has spoken at NYU Entrepreneurial Institute / Wasserman Center, General Assembly, The Muse, the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University, among others.

Yuri has published two novels of fiction, poetry and various essays and op-eds. He lives with his wife and two children in New York.

Our Story

Since 2013, Master The Talk has helped business and career coaching clients of all career stages, industries and seniority levels, from all over the world and the U.S. to get and stay started, toget UN-STUCK in their careers, break their bad career habits and identify, compete for and WIN their dream jobs, dramatically improving their career trajectory - and PAY - in a short time.

Our Focus

Business Coaching For Startup Founders: Business Planning, Fundraising, Legal/Regulatory, Investor Relations, Contract Negotiation and Management, Marketing Automation, Finance/Operations Setup, HR and Hiring, Product Management, Business Process Architecture, Customer Success. 

Career Coaching  For:

All Career Stages: Early, Mid and Late. Analysts to C-Suite Execs.

Industries/Functions: finance, law, consulting, HR, operations, healthcare, academia, pharma, marketing, product management, strategy, hospitality, music and others.

Specialties: Career Transitions, Startups, Executives,  Law, Academia, Mid-Career, College/New Grads, Women, Startups, Entrepreneurs, Healthcare, Finance.