Premises/Organizing Principles for the Mind

MIND: Life is all about balance - a dynamic and always shifting balance between parts of yourself that are always in opposition.

To live well and productively and in a fulfilling manner, you've got to keep a mind that is sharp, balanced, nimble, hungry, humble and always learning and wanting to improve life and your performance as on a human level, as well as a professional and creative level.

To get to a level where your mind is humming at near-peak capacity, you must live a sustainably healthy lifestyle and achieve (or at least strive productively, on a regular basis, to achieve) dynamic stability with regard to your finances, personal life, work, relationships, spirituality and creative life. Tall order, you say? Nobody said this would be easy.

Be patient - with others, with yourself, with your own imperfection and that of others. Be patient with your circumstances, with your failures, as well as your successes.

CTFD - that's CALM THE FUCK DOWN. It's just not that big a deal, whatever problem you're facing. It'll pass. It'll get better.

"The two most important days of your life are the day you're born and the day you understand what for." - Mark Twain

Every experience is formative, both bad and good. Each encounter has a reason, each event a part of a long continuum. Learn from every person, both for the good and the bad. Seek wisdom from any source, especially from those who have seen something of life and have thought a bit about its meaning.

Each day is a new mission. Everything happens for a reason. You'll find out later "why is this happening to me?!" if you don't know now.

Have perspective on life. If you don't, work hard to gain it. It might take a few hard blows, but you'll get there.