Throw the concept of perfection out the window and hear it shatter. True perfection is death. It's non-existent on earth. We just delude ourselves. But work damn hard to get as close as you can, 'cuz those moments are truly precious. Have I mentioned, CTFD?

Don't avoid mind games. Jump right in.

Jump in the deep end and learn to swim.

Jump off the cliff and learn to fly on the way down.

Make your mind self-sufficient.

Know the answer before asking the question (you've done the research). You will learn a great deal about the answerer.

Ask smart questions, not too many and not too few.

Always think 5 steps ahead. Get good at chess.

Have a poker face. Wear it during the workday and keep it in the jar by the door.

Be a realist optimist. Be stoic. Destroy cynicism in yourself, methodically and completely. Cynicism is the most corrosive, destructive force in the human mind. It's a slow, silent, but sure killer of your humanity. After that, nothing's left.

***Work hard to overcome your still-forming pre-frontal cortex. Any head start before your peers is a huge advantage.***

NEVER COMPARE YOURSELF WITH ANYONE ELSE. Live your own life and live it well. No returns or exchanges are possible. Live for yourself and never for others.

Others perceive you as static and predictable, especially those who've known you the longest. It's up to you to prove them wrong.

Other people are not static or entirely predictable, either.