MIND (6 of 10) - How to Deal with Success

***HOW TO DEAL WITH SUCCESS***: Don't gloat. Don't post it over Facebook. Tell loved ones and real friends only. Don't trigger resentment or jealousy.

It's nobody's business to know your business. Don't over-share and don't be a pathetic, attention-seeking exhibitionist. Same goes for failures, obviously. Keep your business to yourself, as a rule.

Be modest by habit. Modesty brings with it a blessing. Even if it's a huge accomplishment, absolutely celebrate it with friends and loved ones, but don't make others feel inferior.

Celebrate small wins. Treat yourself and create a positive feedback loop. Do the same for others - team members, colleagues. Celebrate others for their wins.

Have high expectations and high standards for yourself and your loved ones, but also be a realist and don't beat yourself up endlessly for failing to stick to those standards and expectations. Resolve to keep trying and to do better, every single day. keep up a healthy pressure and you will be successful already if you manage to achieve the substantial part of your goals.

Goals and expectations and standards definitely change and adjust with age, some up, but often down. Be careful not to keep up the important ones and to leave alone the unimportant stuff adjust them too low, however! This is even worse!