MIND (7 of 10) - True Wealth, Expectation Management, Integrity, Tenacity

Don't strive solely for material wealth. It will come with doing something well as with passion, no matter what. Adjust your expectations for lifestyle in line with your chosen profession and current financial picture. Operate based on reality, not a LaLa Land poster. Strive for wealth in your personal life - the people in your life should create the greatest wealth of experience and happiness for you.

Strive for spiritual wealth - it is the most fulfilling type. Work to gain a sense of who you are - both your merits and your limitations and what needs work - as well as where you came from and where you're doing. Create a stable and well-tested ethical and moral framework for yourself and stick with it. Don't rely on laws to be your boundaries. Law without morals is in vain (Leges Sine Moribus Vanae - my alma mater's motto). But above laws, morals and ethics, seek understanding of your place in the world, why you and the rest of us are here, what is the meaning of life, how to live a meaningful life, etc. Seek meaning in organized religion. Pray or meditate daily. It's critical if you don't want to drift in life like a zombie and if you don't want to be caught up in a mid-life crisis. **Note: My much-strengthened connection to Judaism has been the greatest force for good and progress in my life - both because it has helped me find meaning and substance, but also because it has helped me meet my wife and to be part of a great community. Daily prayer and observance of Jewish laws has had a tremendous and overwhelmingly positive effect on my life and the lives and my loved ones, despite their initial reluctance and skepticism. It just works wonders for me. Of course it's hard to change your life and lifestyle from ring completely secular, but through a long process with lots of questioning and searching and asking and trying and strengthening my faith, I have witnessed amazing changes for the better in my life. Enough said. - -

***EXPECTATION MANAGEMENT***: Don't expect others to have the same ethical or moral framework as you or to have the same standards of work or personal interaction. Especially in a big city, too much frustration can be caused by cultural misunderstanding. Doesn't mean adjust your own frameworks at all; just be aware and don't expect everyone to see the world the same way as you or to play by the same rules or to behave like you would do in certain situations. Stand your ground, but be flexible and understanding. This is what "open-minded" means.

The same goes for GF/BF/significant other. You only know the strength of their worldview and ethical/moral framework when there's a crisis. If it's not a substantial match with yours, you have no business being with that person. Never waste a crisis!

Don't let other people frustrate you, even if they're obnoxious or annoying or jerks or worse. It's a test of your resolve and will to withstand them and deal with them, at least temporarily. Stand your ground, be patient. Know your limits and be prepared to act once those limits are breached. Remember - don't get angry, just solve the problem as quickly as you can. Don't be angry about what you can't control. Move on after you've done what you could to help. -- Always project confidence, no matter the context. Eventually, you simply will have it by having earned it.

Fake it 'til you make it. To a point and not with important things. Too easy to spot a fool faking if it's not well played.

Persevere. Trust your own sixth sense about people and things, even if everyone thinks it's quirky, weird, overly complex and intellectual. Just stick with it. It's the essence of your self-expression and will be your greatest asset one day.

Be yourself - always be yourself - even and especially under all the masks you have to wear.

Don't chafe from the masks - switch them often and keep your different lives separate. Find a balance on the way. Work on solidifying your sense of self and means of self-expressions. Eventually, the masks will melt away, even if they leave an imprint. The worst thing in the world is to listen to all the voices wanting you to be somebody else. These voices will not cease. The key is knowing how to react to them and sideline them.

Stay true to your essential self. It's your best friend and sometimes your worst enemy, as well, but that's what G-d have you. If you don't stick with it, you will regret it very much. You will lose your sense of self. The worst suffering is living someone else's life, not your own.

Don't follow your eyes so readily - they'll often lead you to ruin. Follow your ears. What does the person say and in what manner? Words create reality; not so much, appearances.

Live and let live. None of that righteous indignation crap.