How To Tackle Out-of-Control Student Loan Debt

Here are 4 great resources. You'll see a handful of common themes emerge: 1) Pay the highest interest loans first

2) Pay more often than monthly, if possible - biweekly/weekly - you'll save a ton in interest and get through principal faster.

3) Diagnose the full picture of your student debt load, both private and public. Know and keep track of all balances, percentage rates, repayment plans, due dates, etc. Look up your record on the National Loan Data System for Students:

4) Be on time to pay each month - don't screw your credit!

5) Negotiate to lower your interest rates - through direct deposit, special programs for consecutive payments reached, high credit score, etc. You won't know if you don't ask the lenders.

6) Be thorough and be diligent. Get help, get counseling.

7) Don't hide your head in the sand. Attack the problem head on, the sooner, the better!

8) Work with a financial advisor and/or certified financial planner (CFP) to manage your debt/liabilities with expense given income and assets. It is a huge relief to know the full extent of the problem and to have a plan to pay down debt and get out of the mess.

9) Save, save, save. Control expenses, cash flow, avoid luxuries, pay off your most unmanageable debt first and then you can breathe more easily.

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