Premises/Organizing Principles for the Home

All right, guys. Before we get down to business - the nitty gritty, if you will - let's take some time to understand where I'm coming from, what are the basic principles, premises and ethical framework within which I'm operating here. Home:

Your home is your base, your castle, your domain. Make it count.

Your house is a reflection of your mind. If organized and clean, it means you're on top of things. If dirty and unkempt, you're in bad shape.

You've got to keep things clean and tidy and dust-free.

Make your bed. Fold your clothes away in closets and drawers without delay.

Must have good light. If artificial, it better mimic natural light as best as possible. Makes a huge difference with your mood.

Keep plants around to produce oxygen.

Remove allergens from the house.

Don't place your A/C too close to your bed - will give you colds regularly.

Create an atmosphere that's airy an comfortable and makes you happy and cheers you up, no matter what.

Make sure you actually want to live there, not just sleep. Make sure it's a place you wouldn't be ashamed to show to friends and dates, to say nothing of your Mom when she visits. Even with a shabby space, you can do a great makeover and for little money at Ikea, Target, etc.