Want To Ditch The Job You Have And Work For A Startup? Here's How

Amen to that, right? http://m.fastcompany.com/3020677/dialed/want-to-ditch-the-job-you-have-and-work-for-a-startup-heres-how?utm_source=facebook

Why Productive People Work Well With Their Opposites

Why Productive People Work Well With Their Opposites http://m.fastcompany.com/3019808/leadership-now/why-productive-people-work-well-with-their-opposites?utm_source=facebook

How To Work 50 Hours A Week And Still Have Plenty Of Time For Yourself

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Why We're More Creative When We’re Tired, And 9 Other Surprising Things About How Brains Work

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Can The Right Life Coach Really Help You Succeed?

***SHAMELESS PLUG: A good life coach can make a tremendous difference in your life (and quite quickly) by identifying the root causes of your mental pitfalls and helping you to work quickly and effectively to attack your problems intelligently and in a sustainable manner, for life. Get in touch if I can help you break through your limitations and improve your life, your job situation or anything else that's in your way to a successful and meaningful life.


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Successful Founders Share 4 Must-Have Skills To Bolster Any Career

Public speaking, knowing when to say no, gaining skills with market value, as well as aligning your daily tasks with your career goals. Read on for examples: http://m.fastcompany.com/3015338/leadership-now/successful-founders-share-4-must-have-skills-to-bolster-any-career?utm_source=facebook

Don't Send Yet! 9 Email Mistakes You’re Probably Making--And How To Fix Them

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