Announcing the launch of my new book: "MASTERING THE TALK TO MASTER YOUR LIFE"


This is not my usual blog post or new article share. It's not even the full-throated announcement of my book launch for "Mastering The Talk to Master Your Life," but I might as well tell you all about it.

I'm writing to ask for your help. Mastering The Talk to Master Your Life is quite different from the first two books I write (both novels), as well as the more academic volume, "What Millennials Really Want From Work and Life" (Business Expert Press, 2019).

This book is one I've wanted to write since my mid-20s, when I first began seeing just how important language and psychology are for creating opportunity from scratch, even -- especially -- without experience and without connections where you're trying to go. That's not to mention lack of resources, coaches, family or alumni networks that can help you get to success in your career, business and life with little risk and quickly.

In short, the book is a manual for mastering the self-talk you have throughout each day, then mastering the conversations you engage in to create and convert opportunity for yourself, your work and the people you serve in your life, creating meaningful, lasting success in your career, business and life.

Steeped in stories from my own and my clients' experiences, this is a book that will add massive value to you over time, helping you with actionable roadmaps, exercises and mindmaps.

Because this book is so different from my previous efforts, I’m asking you, my readers, for help in marketing the book and bringing it to communities and outlets that would benefit from it. If you have a podcast, have a friend who does, run a big blog, or can think of an influencer who would love this book, let me know in the form below. I’m open to anything, of course, but please, let’s think in terms of ROI for its release date.

If you have ideas, suggestions or better, have access to a large audience of your own, I want to hear from you. Filling out the form below will give me an idea of how you can help with the launch. Specifically I’d love to reach groups who have dealt with adversity and lack of opportunity (diverse audiences, the military, college clubs, startup incubators, etc.) but this book will work for lots of places.


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