Do you also help Gen X and Gen Z professionals?

ABSOLUTELY - and happily so!

While Millennials are our most common client demographic (majority in the workplace by 2020 :), we've helped countless Gen X execs and early-career Gen Zs in all major industries to transform their careers, get unstuck, find clarity, create and follow an action plan and create their dream job on their own terms. 

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Do you have experience helping execs in my industry?

YES, most certainly :)

We have extensive domain expertise in all major industries, with particular focus on financial services, healthcare, law, tech and academia. We have also worked with Fortune 500 and top startup execs in marketing, pharma, consumer goods, 

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Beyond helping me find my life mission/vocation, can you help with finding my dream job, changing my career, leadership and new manager training, etc.? 

Glad you asked! YES, we offer a full range of career guidance, support and transformation programs tailored for each client.

We work with clients from A to Z to establish their life mission, values, outcomes and ideal role (our proprietary 4-Pillar Methodology), then map their 4 Pillars to title and industry, reach out successfully to decision makers, create and ace interviews and negotiate higher salary, title and benefits before starting, with all the steps in between. 

We also engage with corporations and startups to train high-potential teams and individual execs in leadership. improving communication, becoming effective managers, decreasing turnover while creating higher engagement and loyalty, as well as getting the most out of your team.

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