The Ultimate First-Time Founder Success Kit

Dear Entrepreneur,

Whether you want to build the next Google or Facebook or finally pursue your true passion after escaping the cubicle, you want to leave a legacy through meaningful work that truly helps people.

To build something lasting and meaningful, hard work and the hunger to succeed are important, but never enough. You need to find the grit to persevere through challenges big and small, to adopt a “value first” mindset, build a brand that people love, and build a team of All-Star players!

All of those skills take time and experience to learn, and it’s what I’ve taught as an advisor and investor to startup guys and gals like yourself, which is all about how to get past the stress, hiccups and uncertainty of building your own business from scratch.

However, I’m constantly asked what my top resources are for taking my business and brand to the next level. So, I finally put them together for you.

Whether you are just starting out or taking your business to the next level, in this e-book are my top recommendations for the resources I use in each category.

 Here is the End of Overwhelm!


 Yuri Kruman

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professionals to find the right strategies for your business and your particular situation.

Business Planning / Financial Modeling



Website + Hosting


WP Engine (Wordpress + Bluehost) 




Building an app (without coding)


                                                      Other tools discussed on Quora

Creating a Top-Notch Slide Deck

                                                      Guy Kawasaki’s 10 Slides You Need in Your Slide Deck






                                                    Gust Launch



                                                    LawTrades Micro (any quick legal question answered for only $25)



Legal/Financial/Accounting Knowledge Base

                                                   Gust Launch

Document Signing



Mentorship/Tactical and Strategic Help





How to Find Angel investors

                                                1000 Angels 

                                                Angel List

Crowdfunded Investment

                                               Angel List 








Finding Co-Founders

                                            Angel List  


                                            CoFounders Lab



Visual Storytelling

                                          Adobe Spark



Marketing Automation



                                         Digital Accelerator (done for you + management) 

                                         Free Comprehensive Facebook Marketing Guide

                                         Texting app


                                         Google Analytics

SEO / Adwords

                                       Adwords ($75 credit when you sign up)     



                                     Help a Reporter Out (HARO) 

                                     Press Farm


Design (Branding, Logos, Social Media Posts)



Content Automation




Truly Free Stock Images 

                                     Death to the Stock Photo





Benefits/Payroll/Compliance Platforms: JustWorks, TriNet, Maxwell Health

Sample Financial Model:

Cap Tables, Share Structures, Valuations, Oh My! A Case Study of Early-Stage Funding: READ THIS CASE STUDY ON CRUNCHBASE