Getting the right message to the right audience is the “secret” to business and professional success and creating opportunity.

It is so much more than just having a canned, 60-second pitch. Mastering the Talk is the ability to know your audience better than it knows itself, to turn doubt into trust instantly, to position yourself in a league above your competition, and to realize your true worth by creating massive value for others. Being an effective evangelist for your vision means you shift the way you think about everything and know how to pivot quickly to reach your goals.

Yet, today, many of us struggle to understand and reach our many intended audiences and to know what message to deliver to each one to create opportunity and success in business, at work and in our personal lives.

This is why our programs uniquely focus on layering a Listen & Pivot Mindset and Bulletproof Body Language on top of proven strategies and tactics to reach and persuade investors, clients, advisors and employees to help build, grow and scale your business. Through the community, you build a supportive network that will be accountable for your business and personal development. 

We recognize how each person is moved only by messages that speak directly to them, never by the same generic pitch.

Just like getting to Carnegie Hall, crafting a message that moves and persuades someone is all about the science of preparation, helped a little by the Art of the Shmooze. 

Have you felt that giving your usual shpiel doesn't get you results? That's natural because we are all activated and persuaded by different signals, depending on our background, language, life experience, profession, personality and mood. Learning what exact language and psychology, tools and processes work best for a specific audience will dramatically shorten your learning curve and increase your ROI in any venture.

Saying that one generic pitch is the right tool for everyone you meet is lazy and ineffective and leads only to frustration and failure.

This is why Master The talk was founded. To help Millennial startup guys and gals to thrive using the Language of Opportunity® in business, at work and in life. 


Our Philosophy on Career Consulting



Our Signature Dream Job Blueprint(TM) System

  • Get ready to identify and land your dream role

  • During our sessions, you’ll discover how to pinpoint the right company and role to align with your core values and career goals

  • We can help you amp up your résumé and LinkedIn profile, write the perfect cover letter to get the interview

  • In a mock interview, we help diagnose your body language and responses and give detailed critiques, so you can ace the real thing

  • Access templates for winning email outreach and successful negotiation strategies

  • Unlimited Email access throughout our time together